Cooperative Research Navies
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Cooperative Research Navies (CRNAV)

The Cooperative Research Navies (CRNAV) consortium was established in 1989 to study the mechanisms of capsizing and to develop guidelines for safe ship design and operation at sea, including extreme conditions. The CRNAV group consists of the following participants and associate members:

  • Canadian Navy (DMSS, Ottawa and DRDC-Atlantic, Dartmouth)
  • Ministry of Defence, DGA Hydrodynamics (Val de Reuil)
  • Royal Australian Navy; Defence Science Technology Group (Department of Defence, Melbourne)
  • Royal Netherlands Navy (Department of Defence, The Hague)
  • Royal UK Navy (UK MoD, Bristol and QinetiQ, Haslar)
  • U.S. Coast Guard (Engineering Logistics Center, Baltimore)
  • MARIN (Wageningen, the Netherlands)

Participants contribute their expertise and technology to the group's research efforts. MARIN provides the CRNAV chairmanship and secretariat, as well as overall project management.


Navy ships have been designed and operated for the past 50 years in accordance with empirically based stability criteria which were derived for wall-sided and flared monohull vessels of World War II vintage. read more...

If you are member of the CRNAV and qualified to access to protected pages but you do not have a username/password, please send an e-mail to the CRNAV secretary Paula Roseboom